An Apology to A & C Games, I messed up as a Community Manager


The last post didn’t come out entirely like we planned it, for that I’m sorry. I messed up. We wanted to draw some resistance, but it got a lot more than we expected. A & C Games can count itself very lucky to have such passionate gamers. I hope the owners realize just how special that is.

Initially, I wrote the last post about my experiences with different competitive teams. Long story short, it felt like there was no loyalty among team members if you didn’t know them personally. The point of the post was to emphasis Project Arena‘s goal to become a place where you can go to form a team and gain a “gamer family”. Since first meeting with founder Quinton Dixon I absolutely love the idea of a current gen console gamer hub in Toronto.  After signing an NDA, Quinton talked further about a bunch of different things that will set Project Arena apart from its competition. I was truly excited to work on this idea and to see it grow.

Unfortunately I failed not only those that were already onboard with Project Arena, but also A & C Games too.

After looking over the post, Quinton said the post was too much about me, and not enough about Project Arena. Hindsight, I should have argued that this blog is mine and you guys expect to hear about my experiences. However, I want Project Arena to succeed — and willing to do whatever it takes, even taint my reputation as a blogger — so I agreed to rewrite the post. After discussing a few different narrative angles for the post, Quinton suggested to take a small shot at A & C Games. Nothing big, just poke the metaphorical beehive but don’t break it. It sounded like a great idea to me. I’ve seen corporations take small, fun, shots at the competition like Coke and Pepsi or Energizer and Duracell. So I went home and wrote the A & C Games post trying my hardest to give credit to A & C Games for its heritage but also suggest this new up-and-coming place may do it better.

Project Arena isn’t Coke, Pepsi, Energizer or Duracell. It’s not an established entity let alone as big as those corporations. It was a dumb idea and I’ll take the blame. I accept the consequences and will learn from them. As a Community Manager I should have known that negative publicity is a bad idea for something that is still just an idea. I’m guessing Quinton sees it the same way. Since that post went live, contact has ceased; texts and tweets go unanswered while Quinton is actively seeking new help. Although it would have been nice to receive a text or call to formally part ways, I can’t expect it. This stuff happens and although I’m disappointed that I’m no longer helping Project Arena, I’m grateful for the limited experience.

Going forward my blog will go back to my experiences around current video games, movies and TV shows. I’m excited to get back into the swing of things and maybe get few new friends out of this messed up situation. :)


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