Project Arena better than A & C Games?


The last blog post I shared about Project Arena was met with amazing enthusiasm. Thank you for the feed back and sharing the blog post. I can’t tell you how much that means to us. However there was some warranted caution: Project Arena isn’t the first to bring a big video game tournament to Toronto. We don’t claim to be the only one doing tournaments at all. There’s the well known A & C Games too.

A & C Games does the retro gaming scene justice in T-Dot. They do (almost — so says their website) weekly tournaments on classic systems like N64 or the Wii.  If you’re looking to rediscover classics from a time long ago there is only one place. It’s the little store on Spadina Avenue delivering nostalgia to gamers that want to take a break from their Xbox Ones and Playstation 4s. Even then, I’ve never had any intention of going downtown to play retro games at A & C Games. Why, when I can do it in the comfort of my home and avoid a mission on public transit? A & C Games is lacking something. Something that you probably didn’t even know you’re missing.

Community. Friends. Family. More than the high profile tournaments from my previous post, Project Arena promises all that. It’s a place for serious gamers to meet other serious gamers. It’s a place you can call everyone else your brother or sister. It’s your gamer home away from home.

There’s an inherent problem with gaming today. It’s all online. It may not feel like it as you laugh with your online team, but you’re alone. There’s no one else in the room with you. None. Nada. It’s just you, your console and your TV. Maybe your cat too, but even though he accidentally presses buttons as he desperately tries for your undivided attention, he doesn’t count.

Project Arena aims to fix that isolation when playing video games by using video games to bring gamers back together. Imagine a physical place you can go to meet gamers with the same interest as you. Want to form a team to stay competitive? Come to Project Arena. Want to meet gamers aiming for the same high score as you? Come on down. Or maybe you want a group of friends to just talk video game news? Grab a seat. Project Arena is building itself to be your online and offline gamer hub for Torontonians and abroad.

Of course, this is only one gamers opinion. What do you think?

You can follow Project Arena on Twitter or visit Project Arena’s flashy new website (no really, check it out!).

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