Breaking Bad Frozen parody, “Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?” (Video)

Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab? (Frozen x Breaking Bad Parody)

It’s kind of funny how things fall in your lap sometimes. Here I am worrying that I need something to post on my blog; an idea or some sort of talking point. Then along drops animeme’s Frozen parody for one of the best TV series that I’ve had the privilege of watching, Breaking Bad.

There are very few TV series that hook me and won’t let go. It’s interesting to note that all of them have ended. They didn’t just end, their ending was planned. I think that’s one important fact to any great TV series; it has to end.

Of these great series, Breaking Bad ranks pretty close to the top. It’s a constant battle between Lost and Breaking Bad, but that’s another story for another time. I got into the show around the time the third season was airing. In order to catch up, my brother and I would stream the earlier seasons. I remember every ending left us wanting more. We’d both look at each other with eyes wide open and ask “Did that really happen?” or “WTF just happened?!”. Luckily the next episode was a click away. We’d end up watching three or four episodes a night. Not to many shows can say they got me to do that.

In this video, Walter wants Jesse to come out and build a meth lab with him, mimicking the later seasons of the series when Jesse has had enough of the criminal lifestyle. The animation is pretty amazing and the song is good for some LOLs. It makes me want Breaking Bad to come back, but at least we got the spin-off Better Call Saul, which I’ll admit hasn’t really intrigued me yet.


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