Editor’s Edit (June 23): This update is now live! Check out the official Black Ops forums for a full list of updates (the post has been removed, sorry). If you cannot see the forums, you have go to CallOfDuty.com and enter your age first, then it will work.

The FAMAS, the King of Early Guns, is getting hit by the Nerf Stick in the next Call of Duty: Black Ops update (how many updates will that be now? Sheesh). You mad?

David Vonderharr, Game Design Director at Treyarch (the dudes that created Black Ops), recently tweeted that the FAMAS will be nerfed in the next title update:

[blackbirdpie url="http://twitter.com/#!/DavidVonderhaar/status/81990776443244544"]

The Nerf Stick will hit the FAMAS’  ADS raise time as well as hip fire accuracy reduction; more gun kick (so less accurate) and slightly slower re-center speed.

The FAMAS is a favourite in the CoD community.  The popular assault rifle is unlocked (and available for purchase) relativity early after the player reaches level 14 in multiplayer. It’s a gun that is competitive with the Commando, which is the last assault rifle the player can unlock at level 44. Notice the big level gap?

Don’t get mad, get even!

There are other guns available that can be useful, so being a community-driven person I asked the Twitterverse what they use. All comparisons are with the FAMAS as it is now, pre-update.

“I use the AK47 mostly. I only run with FAMAS when I pick one up or using it until I get the Galil, ” tweeted @Tier1_Duhstee. “When I run [the Galil, I use] Ghost w/ Warlord [with] Dual Mag and Suppressor. When I don’t run Ghost w/ Warlord, just the Dual Mag.”

What do you use that is similar to the FAMAS? Or are you just going to be mad?