Riddle me this: Do you enjoy your job?

Did you know only 45 per cent of Americans love their job? (Source)

I’m sure the percentage is similar in Canada. Which is where I live, but besides the point.

Getting into the industry of your choice is a lot of work, but it seems a lot people give up on their dream job and take the first steady paycheck offered to them. I’ve applied at EB Games to many times to count and I will keep applying until the manager notices my sales experience and my passion for video games (having passion for the product your selling goes along way, in my opinion!).

If you follow me on Twitter or even read my blog you probably know I’m a video game junkie and a Public Relations student. Most of my classmates want to get into the fashion industry (more than half want this), or the sports industry, or even the food industry — not me, I want into the communications side of video games. It’s a tough industry to get noticed.

Today, I plan on going into EB Games, once again, to talk to the manager at the Square One shopping mall in Ontario (the biggest shopping mall in Ontario, to boot). While I’m there, riddle me this: are you in a job that your enjoy? Why or why not? Any words of advice for students (or even people thinking about changing careers)?

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