10 Things Google+ Has Over Facebook

I have been on Google+ for a week and a day and I am constantly trying to get my friends on it. My friends, who are not big social media geeks like me, seems to think Google’s social network is just a glorified Facebook.

Here is a list of 10 things that I reiterate to my friends to show what G+ has over Facebook:

  1. Edit posts that are already published. No more typos!
  2. Categorize your friends. Put business and personal in separate circles and life may be a bit easier (see next point).
  3. Share to specific people (circles) only. Keep those party photos hidden to your co-workers, but talk about that crazy night with your friends.
  4. Warn about being tagged in a photo. No more embarrassing photos. You have control on what pictures you’re tagged in.
  5. Only add those that you want to.  On Facebook, you become friends with one add. On G+ both of you need to add each other (à la Twitter).
  6. Easy private messages. Just “+Their Name” (like Facebook and Twitter’s @ – @TheirName) and remove sending the status to “Public” and you just sent a private message.
  7. Disable comments or resharing of your posts. Helps keep those private messages, private.
  8. Photo editing right in G+. Upload a picture and use Picnik right on Google+ to add some effects or remove redeye in your photos. MySpace Angles 2.0 anybody?
  9. Sparking a conversation. With the power of the Google search engine, Sparks lets you find interesting articles, blog posts or stats to share with your circles. When Google opens this up more, it will be even better. Think reddit or digg but in G+.
  10. Video Hangout. Chat with your circles with your web cam. A cam chat with a friend on vacation right from G+ is awesome. (Facebook did add Skype video calling, but Google+ had it first!)

There you have it, 10 things I tell my friends to convince them to join Google+. It’s worked on a few, but the lack of their friends on Google+ doesn’t help matters too much.

Can you think of anything else that G+ can do but Facebook can’t? Or how about the other way around?

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  1. Herby says

    “1.Edit posts that are already published. No more typos!”
    “6.Easy private messages. Just +ThereName (like Facebook
    and Twitter’s @ – @ThereName) and remove sending the status to “Public”
    and you just sent a private message.”
    Their name?

    • says

      Yup, just put the plus sign (or the @ sign) and start typing someone’s name. You’ll get a drop down box of people, like Facebook – just select the person you want and continue from there :)

    • Nealbo says

      I think Herby was meaning do you mean “Their name” as opposed to “There name”.

      But anyway, nice list – will use this to try and convice others to join, cheers!

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