5 Things That Will Make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Awesome

It seems like Valve wants some of that first-person shooter glory that Call of Duty and Battlefield have taken from them.

The developer of Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Portal, and Team Fortress will bring a new Counter-Strike to consoles and PC – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Long ago, Counter-Strike was the shit. But as time went on, more gamers took to consoles and, although CS did get an Xbox port (which was really the horrible Counter-Strike: Condition Zero), it didn’t get the same attention as the PC alternate. At least not for me.

CS: GO will launch via Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and Steam (for PC and Mac) in early 2012, so we will have months of Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 to occupy us.

Since we have some time to kill, here are some things Valve needs to keep in mind if they want a successful FPS:

1. Selectable Load-outs

I gravitated towards scoutzknivez on Counter-Stike 1.6 because, one, I love no gravity (ZOMG! Ninja air strafing!) and, two, because I didn’t have to buy my load-out.

I did try the macro thing. The problem with third-party macros is it was hard to remember which key I bound to the load-out I wanted (you’re going to want more than one, right?) and be able to change the load-out on the fly.

Valve needs to make sure load-outs are easy this time around.

2. Different game modes/maps

One of the biggest maps I remember, other than scouzknivez, was fy_iceworld. In this map you could try different guns because they where all free and sitting on the ground in front of you.

Bringing back some of these maps will set Counter-Strike: Global Offensive apart from its competition.

3. Give Me the Power

It’s almost a guarantee there will be no dedicated servers for console version. But what made CS so successful on the PC was allowing players to run and control their own server. If you are an admin, you can kick, muzzle (remember being llama-ed?) or do other fancy things like putting colourful text on the screen.

Although it will be difficult to do the colourful text on consoles; allowing the host to moderate the server will be huge. How many times in Call of Duty: Black Ops did you wish you could kick that greifer?

4. Let Me Strut My Stuff

I’ve been out of the Counter-Strike game for years, but it has come to my attention that an update to Counter-Strike: Source introduced some achievements and stats.  That’s awesome; it shows that Valve has a brain. Players want to show off that 100 wins on de_dust or that you annihilated the enemy team without your comrades taking any damage.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, completing challenges awards you with a new shiny emblem or title to show off. Allowing players to customize themselves by showing off that unique title makes you different from the rest and allows you to display those uber skillz you so apparently have.

Putting something like this in CS: GO will really boost the player base and make gamers want to work for something.

5. It’s All Skinable

ZOMG, a Pepsi vending machine or a gold AK-47? It’s all possible with skins. Part of the fun of Counter-Strike was being able to change what your characters, guns and other miscellaneous things look like.

Of course it was all on your own screen, but it’s still fun making your guns look bad ass or turn the hostages into hot Russian babes in bikinis.

On consoles, this could be an amazing DLC opportunity. Allow gamers to download different skins for things to make the game that much more interesting.

So what will Valve have to do to make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pwn in your opinion?

The above five set CS apart from Call of Duty and Battlefield in my books, but what about you?

What do you think Valve needs to do in order make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive set itself apart from the already massive market of first-person shooters?


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      Yup. We are talking ages ago; before Call of Duty became a huge sensation. About 8 years now – when version 1.6 was released is when I was a huge Counter-Strike player.

      Back then, there was a lot of servers that would cyle through the “fy” maps with fy_iceworld being the favourite.

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