GTA V Map Leaked

What better way to shove it your boss than to leak the map to the highly anticipated GTA V?

It may not be the whole map considering the text for “Hunter Vally” is cut off on the right. We also can’t see much detail in the close-up but one thing is for sure: this map is big!

GTA V has no release date as of yet and RockStar Games has not revealed what consoles it will be available for either.


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  1. Renemy says

    COME ON!!! Why the hell are you strengthening the rumour to be real??? It’s obviously one of 2 things:

    Out and out fake.. which is fine, because it ain’t hard to cobble together a grey fuzzy mass of land and stick dots and names on it.

    Or secondly, it’s a PR stunt by Rockstar to get more speculation going. We can expect to see LOTS of this stuff coming in the next few months.

    Please DO NOT POST THIS AS NEWS!!!!!!!!!! This is only rumour and bad rumour at that.

    • says

      It’s tough to know if this is real or a rumor. I can ask you: how do you know it’s not real and in fact a rumor? We don’t know, unless one of us works for Rockstar.

      I should be more clear; I never said it was real but I think you could be right on it being a marketing ploy by Rockstar games. Releasing a blurry map is a great way to keep people talking about the game. It’s fun to speculate.

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