Activision Lawsuit Leaks Bungie, Xbox 720 and PS4 Plans

A lawsuit is a dangerous thing for a company trying to keep secrets. The ongoing legal action between Activision and former Call of Duty employees forced Bungie’s hand to reveal their next game and possible release times for the Xbox 720 and the PlayStation 4.

Bungie created the Halo franchise for Microsoft before separating in 2007 to make their own destiny. And make their own destiny they are doing. Bungie partnered with publisher Activision in 2010 and is currently working on their next MMO code-named “Destiny”.

In a contract filed as part of the Activision lawsuit, Bungie’s new “massively-multiplayer-style” action shooting game is due in the fall of 2013, probably in time for the holiday season. Bungie is also under contract to release new versions of Destiny every other year, alternating with expansion packs, nicknamed “Comet”, which will start in the fall of 2014.

According to the contract, Destiny will release for the Xbox 360 and…  the Xbox 720!  PlayStaion 4 will see the sequel to Destiny in 2014.

Start saving your pennies (if you’re in Canada, your nickles) now because the next consoles are creeping closer.

Source: The Seattle Times

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