PC Gamers Get Ranked Dedicated Servers in Black Ops II; Consoles Tough Luck

Cesar “pcdev” Stastny, the director of technology over at Treyarch, confirmed that PC gamers will have ranked dedicated servers in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

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Props PC Gamers! Finally you can enjoy ranking up with good connections! No more will the server kick you out (and give you a loss!) after trying to migrate to a new host because some douche decided to rage! Me and the other lowly console gamers will never know how that feels.

Well, to be clear: Treyarch has not officially said if they will host dedicated servers for consoles. It’s highly unlikely though.

Both Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops were successful with peer-to-peer hosting, and I can understand why. Having players connect to each other is probably cheaper than hosting servers for the majority of Call of Duty gamers. That’s great for them, but what about us?

We have to put up with latency issues all the time. If it’s not someone with a shitty connection (read: downloading), it’s someone who leaves the game and causes everyone to wait for a new host. And sometimes that “new host” never comes and we get booted out of the game. Fun. Lag issues are one of the main reasons I do not play Modern Warfare 3 anymore.

Console gamers want dedicated servers. It’s a no brainer. I hate to say it, but PS3 gamers get online play for free, so I understand why they get peer-to-peer connections. Xbox gamers on the other hand, we pay to play online, so what’s the hold up?

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