11 Minutes of Batman: Arkham City GamePlay on the Wii U

Is Batman: Arkham City worth getting for the Wii U?

It really depends if you’ve played the game or not. If you’ve played it before then it will be the exact same game as the one on Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, including the same great graphics (which for Nintendo is an upgrade). Wii U brings a new way to play the game through the Wii Game Pad which allows you to change and use equipment a lot easier. However, the game is still the same levels, same objectives, and the same Batman: Arkham City.

During Nintendo’s Post-E3 Event in Toronto, I was handed the Game Pad and immediately had problems with the controls. Being used to Xbox 360 buttons, I had some initial problems just trying to start the game. I kept pressing what I thought was “A” to move to the next screen not realizing that “A” and “B” were inverted, and I was actually backing out of the screen to the previous one (highly annoying especially when you have a group of people watching you). Once you play for a bit and get used to the location of the buttons, your enjoyment of the game will skyrocket due to the ingenuity of Nintendo and the Game Pad.

Now is Batman: Arkham City worth playing on the Wii U? The answer is a staggering YES; however if you’ve played this game before then there isn’t much new content to experience that’ll make it worth your money.

Check out the 11 minutes of gameplay footage below and see if you think the Game Pad makes Batman: Arkham City worth playing on Wii U.


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