Better Late Than Never: A Guild Wars Vet Tries Guild Wars 2 for the First Time

This story starts in the newbie area for the Asura, the race in Guild Wars 2 that is small in stature but have a huge ego and are very intelligence.  Fitting, right? That Short Guy picks the shortest race.

Don’t be calling my Dobby-looking Asura stupid!

Shortly after character creation, my Dobby-looking-Asura Mesmer encounters a new type of quest. Calcutician Doola placed experiments around Soren Draa (in the Metrica Province) to sharpen our skills with golems. My mind races with what to do first; should I go fiddle with some sleeping golems? Or should I play RC Golem chess? Or just forget the quest and continue my personal story?

A quest in Guild Wars 2 is indicated by an empty heart over an NPC’s head. As I venture closer to the NPC, the quest information is automatically displayed in the corner of my screen along with a progression bar. A nice change-up to MMO quests, players don’t need to accept the damn things anymore. In Guild Wars my Quest Log is full because I accepted every freakin’ quest anyway. It  is worth noting to talk to the heart-baring NPC though, since you can get details and special skills (if required) for the quest.

To complete a quest (or an event, but we’ll get to that in another post), players need to fill the progression bar on the screen by collecting and returning special items; activating or powering-down structures or beating up bad guys. It’s your traditional MMO quests, only bigger to encourage more players to help complete them.

My short Asura scampers on over to a nearby RC Golem chess table — that’s the best word I can use to describe the Asura run, ‘scampers';  the cartoonish movement animations for the Asura are freaking awesome.

The chess table is a 3×3 board with two golems in opposite corners. My skills turn to the controls of the golem in front of me; move to the squares around me or perform a massive punch. I manage to beat the computer once, but lose the second battle. That was enough for me, it was time to try something else.

I decide to further our quest progression by tampering with some sleeping golems. My Asura toon, even though his first invention was a golem, seems to know what to pull-out, switch and adjust to make the golem scream “Error! Error! Error!” and explode in my face.

Luckily, it didn’t take much longer for other players to contribute enough golem tinkering and chess games to complete the quest, and reward me some sweet XP and Karma. Proud that I completed my first Guild Wars 2 quest, I brushed off the mechanical residue and rush out to play as much of  my personal story as I can.

Don’t miss the next post where I go into jump challenges (or Vistas), graphics and how shitty PCs can still play this game and have fun.

This is a continuing blog post of my time in the final beta event for Guild Wars 2. Follow the Better Late Than Never or Guild Wars 2 tag to continue reading.

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