Nintendo Responds to Microsoft’s Claim That The Wii U is “Effectively a 360″

Nintendo responded to Microsoft’s allegation that Mario’s next home is nothing more than a Xbox 360. It may or may not be the response you expected.

In case you missed it, Microsoft Game Studio VP, Phil Spencer, pointed out that the Wii U is “effectively a 360″ during an interview with Games Industry International. When asked if SmartGlass is a reaction to the Wii U tablet, Spencer denied but continued on with what he did see from Nintendo at E3.

I think their Pro Controller makes a lot of sense with the platform they’ve built. They are building a platform that is effectively a 360 when you think of graphical capability. Now they are really making an on-ramp for the back catalog of games that are on 360. It is easy for those games to move over the Wii U. They’ve moved the buttons around, and they’ve made a controller that feels familiar for 360 gamers, so I get why they are putting those pieces together.

It is easy to agree with Spencer. Like him, everyone focuses on graphical and processing power when Nintendo wants players to just have fun playing their system. When asked about Spencer’s comment, this is what Nintendo had to say:

The Wii U Pro Controller is an enhanced version of the Classic Controller Pro that has been designed specially to work with the Wii U console.  It simply offers another way to play and more options for developers use.  We do not compare ourselves to the other consoles.

If I throw it, will it come back?

What Spencer and gamers fail to remember is the Classic Contoller for the Wii (although rarely used; pictured right) and the original GameCube controller all have the boomerang-style feel to it. The boomerang-style controller is not a 360 trademark like Microsoft would like gamers to believe. As for graphic power, think of it this way: if gamers keep demanding better graphics (which is not entirely a bad thing; always strive to do better than last time), developers will focus on creating more visually appealing games like Cyrsis then games that keep the player submersed in a great story like BioShock or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

So gamers, is graphics and processing power really that important to video games? Or is gameplay and a great story more vital to a game? Commenters over at GameRant seem split, while two gamers believe Spencer’s answer is out-of-line over on Steven Ruygrok’s article on What say you?

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    • Razyn says

      Because often, in order to have those beautiful graphics everyone loves, the game has to sacrifice other things. There’s the obvious labor cost involved, but other than that, if you create, say, a relatively large, expansive landscape like the fields in Hyrule in Ocarina of Time, there’s no way you can make that look up to snuff with today’s graphics. There’s just too much to render, the hardware can’t handle it. Whether people realize it or not, most really really pretty games are extremely linear for this reason. If they opened up the world, they’d either have to scale down the graphics, or subject players to subpar frame rates.

    • Kai says

      While I do agree that many game makers have decided to sacrifice one for the other, many games for the PC platform have managed to succeed where others have failed. There are numerous PC games that have both beautiful graphics and a story that the player quickly becomes immersed in, such as the popular Portal and Half Life series (never can figure out how to pluralize that word…)
      Again and again, PC gaming companies continue to produce beautiful worlds with powerful plots. I, for one, think we are on the verge of a gaming revolution. Perhaps, one day, it will spread to the other consoles.

    • says

      I’ve played six years straight without a Nintendo title. My Wii sits in my living room untouched (until my niece and nephew, and my techno-impaired sisters and their husbands come over), while my PS3 sees regular use, and the 360 sees semi-regular use.

      Mature gamers like mature games. Sorry, but anyone who isn’t a child knows that Mario and Zelda, while fine diversions, are not mature story driven games with tough choices…

    • yarinoma says

      Why would you want to constantly bombard yourself with fictional tough choices when youve had to make real tough choices up to this point in your life and WILL have to continue to make tough choices the rest of your life?

      No offense but when I hear people like you say something of that nature I think of a sleazy prostitute who ran away from home years ago. Laid up with some poor, introverted, schmuck.

      Puffing on a broken cigarette, while this perverted, porn collecting, slob besieges her poorly maintained body with onion coated, orally infected, mucus spit from his anxious tongue, she ponders, just for a second, if her parents are still looking for her.

      Feeling her buzz coming down from the meth she took an hour ago, realizing shes almost out of her crystal best friend, her thoughts quickly wane from her parents to the roach on the paint crackling wall. In the illumination of the cheap, dim, pink bulb she watches it make its unpredictable, pee ladened path while schmuck is frantically trying to get it up.

      As the roach disappears behind the broken down night stand she slowly looks up to the ceiling and thinks to herself…..”Damn..lil roachie would a been a good high…….”

      Is that mature enough for you?

    • yarinoma says

      Sorry. I got a little carried away. Guess you can tell Im a Nintendophite.

      Im just tired of people ripping on Nintendo for trying to continue doing the one thing alot of us have neglected to do for one reason or another. Just have good clean fun with our friends and family. No profanity…no blood…just fun.

      Its a generational thing i guess but, in my opinion, its difficult enough on the industry when you get a particular story of violence that points the finger to any video game of a violent nature. Nintendo is the last vestige of hope. The shield that keeps the pigs at bay so to speak, letting the right wing conservatives know that the industry is not as bad as its being made out to be.

      Think about it for a second. When, in the last 30 years, in those decades of our country’s murderous history, have you heard of anyone committing a violent crime in the same colorful fashion as Mario? Red and blue, suspender wearing serial killing plumber? under the influence of bath salts pretending some kid is a goomba and crushing his skull by jumping on it? Anybody dressing up as a big pink ball trying to suck peoples brains into their mouths to spit them out as weaponized projectiles?

      it says alot about positive and negative influence on the human mind. Nintendo is just trying to keep it positive.

    • kindiboy says

      sorry to shatter your image of nintendo, but they have been milking their fans for ages, personally i loath FPS, and understand what you’re trying to say but what nintendo is doing is not the answer. Japan lost almost every single industry not just gaming.

      nin is coming back with the U.

    • JapaneseGuy says

      Agree to most, except for “Japan lost blah blah”… Japan didn’t lost the gaming industry (I will not debate the others). The rest of the world was following Japanese lead for the longest time, just because you see a lot of non-Japanese titlte, it doesn’t mean that Japan lost. Go to HK, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, China and see for yourself if Japan is still strong in gaming.
      Back in the days of NES and SNES, the market has no other players but Japanese developers, as a result if anyone wants to play video games, it is likely a game developed by a Japanese company
      As more NA and European gaming company are established, we see a shift in local market share, not because Japanese games are “beaten” persay, but more of a cultural thing: North american gaming company design games base on what North Americans like, Euro gaming company design games that european likes, and Japanese/Korean company design games that Asian/Oriental likes. There are simly more choices, choices that has a stronger cultural bond….

    • kindiboy says

      my answer to the first paragraph: you are talking history, which i agree with, am talking present.

      2nd : It is not culture, case n point demon/dark souls. A common understanding of Americas that they are spoild and want to be spoon fed, yet DS was a hit.

      They lost innovation, look for an article for Hideo Kojima he admits that Japanese devs have lost focus & innovation. They live in a bubble and need to get out.

    • says

      There’s a difference between “keeping things positive” and your I.P.s becoming stale because you mine them so much.. I grew up with nintendo and in fact my favorite system is the SNES but I love deep, time investing games… I love a story that is layered like an onion and with each new layer a new plot twist or emotionally stiring scenario.. I love games because they take me to places I’ve never been or place I can’t go, they involve themes and characters that I wanted to be growing up.. Mario and zelda just don’t cut it for me anymore.. Casual gaming just doesn’t hold my interest. This is why I have moved on from nintendo. There’s a reason alot of people that grew up with nintendo no longer play nintendo franchises and its not because they dont have adult theme’s and scenarios….

    • says

      I think you want to read books not play games. Books tell the best story, takes you to the best worlds where you meet the best characters.

    • yarinoma says

      Difference? Would you like me to go into all the IPs and iterations from the last 15 years? How about just one? Madden

      As an IP thats stale as you put it, are you aware that the Madden franchise is 2 years shy of Zeldas 25 year history?

      How about GTA? About 8 iterations between console and handheld?
      Tomb Raider?

      And the everybodys fan favorite….Call of Duty. 16…let me say it again. 16 variable iterations of the same franchise telling the same general story of war and generating billions in revenue. You talk about mining a franchise. Activision actually went through legal troubles to have the rights to keep mining this franchise. Almost 10 years of head shots, stabbings, claymores, grenades, hundreds of guns, sniper shots etc.

      Just say it man. You and so many others just like violence. And it has nothing to do with Nintendo

    • says

      To tell the truth, if it wasn’t for my buddy leaving his Wii at my place, I doubt I’d be this interested in Nintendo. And you know what, the Wii has a few titles that are really fun, like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

      Before having a access to a Wii, it was all day and every day Xbox 360, so mature games are my forte. I’m sure Nintendo knows a lot gamers want more adult games (and by that I mean 3rd party adult games, ones that usually just go to the 360 or PS3) and that could be a reason for the Pro Controller.

      TL;DR: At least keep an eye out for Nintendo news, I think mature gamers are in for a surprise :)

    • vakarian75 says

      The problem was that everyone was complaining about not having good games on the wii but then when good games like No More Heroes , Mad World, and Muramasa The Demon Blade came out no one bought them.

    • AF_Whigs says

      Right. We have a Wii for the family, but I have a good number of more mature games that I play on it that make good use of the controls. Plus, sports games: Pro Evolution Soccer on Wii is fantastic (my favorite sports game of all time) and the Tiger Woods golf games have been very good with the motion controls (other than the fact that TW in general has always been a good franchise that never quite achieves greatness, IMO).
      Frankly, due to expense and the lack of time to play more mature games, I do most of my gaming on the Wii and the graphics don’t bother me. I still play NES & SNES games, so I play a game for what it IS, not what it could be on another system. Graphics are important, but I’ll put them secondary to gameplay any day. I think the majority of the gaming public would reverse that.

    • WoodenSaucer says

      Lol. I love it when people talk like that. I’m a mature adult, and I face tough life choices every day. When I play games, I play them to have fun and have amusing diversions from my real life tough choices.

    • Dtoxz says

      agreed. Not that COD does any better but that’s a re-hashed cash cow, before it’s a game. This is EXACTLY the type of B$ Microsoft LOVES to create. They “waltz” into the games industry with the xbox, and claim that it’s better than everyone else. It sucks too because I see alot of that “I’m better” attitude when I sign into XBL. The fans of the system will bitch about not having games to play, but then are amazed at stuff like Kinect (puh-leeease). Then say xbox “is just better”….just like M$ did. No rhyme or reason. It’s just better.
      My point is, haven’t we all learned not to feed the trolls?! Not to mention, why is it an xbox controller, didn’t Sony originally design the controller to be a boomerang even BEFORE Nintendo? The PS1 controller BEFORE the dualshock was a boomerang style. Sony wins. They’re just…better. Lol
      I love how everyone thinks they’re console is the best. I look at this frivolous argument and just laugh knowing I own all 3 consoles and have good games on each. Why? Because I am a GAMER. I play GAMES. Not consoles.

    • NintendoNerd90 says

      you’re a moron. there were so many hardcore games on Wii. Hardcore gaming does not mean GRAFX!!! HERP DERP. Sin and Punishment Star Successor, Metroid Prime 3, Xenoblade Chronicles, Super Mario Galaxy 1&2, Skyward Sword, Punch Out!, Wario Land Shake It! Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, Donkey Kong Country Returns, NSMBW, Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, plus all the awesome virtual console/wiiware games you can get online and it’s backwards compatible with the GameCube. there’s also some awesome 3rd party stuff on Wii; Golden Eye 007, Sonic Colors, Monster Hunter Tri, House of the Dead Overkill, Little King’s Story, Okami, The Last Story, Muramasa the Demon Blade, Mad World, No More Heroes, Fragile Dreams, Rayman Origins, Red Steel 2, I could go on and on and on. There are currently 30 really good Wii games I need to get. you can find great games just about on any console. hell, people say the Vita has no games, I could name a ton. that’s the difference between a harcore gamer: me, and a casual dipsh*t vag gamer: you. GFY

    • kindiboy says

      short answer, nintendo didn’t learn from their first mistake with Sony which is keeping up with technology. graphics is not every thing but they are important.

    • Dan Collins says

      Nintendo 64 had better graphics than PS1 that is a fact and GameCube had better graphics than PS2 that is also a fact get your facts right before you troll LOL PS3 had better graphics than Wii but failed because of useless hardware e.g. blue ray, 4 USB ports, 2 processors, WiFi the list goes on and makes the console cost $599 a true gamer is one who enjoys all types of games not just COD shooters

    • kindiboy says

      both didn’t run CDs/DVDs, i didn’t talk pure power i was talking in general. why did they both failed. it is sad to see people who enjoy being milked by corporations and defend them, let alone calling others trolls. get of your high horse maybe you’ll notice that humans are a spectrum and not either like you or against you.

    • Jake says

      “first mistake”
      Nintendo Wii units shipped: 98.85 million units
      Playstation 3 units shipped: 63.9 million
      xbox 360 units shipped: 67.2 million

      As you can see, the most powerful system actually sold the least units. While PS3 and 360 certainly have better third party games, the Wii appeals to a wider audience and emerging markets. To a huge corporation such as Nintendo, this is the ultimate goal. However, the initial failing of the N3DS does weaken this argument, but since we’re discussing consoles, this cannot be ignored. Every system has their advantages and disadvantages. If the Wii isn’t for you, that’s fine, but that doesn’t make it a bad system. Anyone who has played the veritable buffet of first party games from Nintendo knows that.

  1. Papoo! says

    As i understand, what Spencer meant was the movement and layout of the buttons not the boomerang style that has been way before these controllers came out. So I do understand what he said and if you look at classic pro controller, the buttons are on the top part and the trigger on the lower part, so moving them to the lower part pretty much made it into a XBOX360 controller.

  2. dcantlose says

    Actually the 360 controller is an modified game cube controller. Actually all current controllers are built from Nintendo development. Nintendo sets the bar, others copy it and that’s a fact.

    • bigevilworldwide says

      Except for the Wiimote right? Or did you not know that they actually stole that from Sony. Since Sony has been working on the Move controller since 2002 but wanted to wait till it worked right before releasing it. Nintendo obviously didn’t care dumbed down the tech and released the unfinished Wiimote..Know how you can tell it was unfinished? They had to release a $30 add-on to make it work properly

    • vakarian75 says

      So your saying that Nintendo copied off of something sony was secretly working on released it first in a less stupid design and it was still better and more responsive then the move that was released years after seeing how successful the wiimote was.

    • Guest says

      Sony needs to GTFO of the games industry with their shameless ripoff tactics and blatant lying.

    • jimmy russels says

      No, the 360 controller is a modified xbox controller, that took many features from the dreamcast controller, but you probably aren’t smart enough to know that

  3. mikemc says

    LOL THE GAMECUBE WAS BEFORE XBOX LOL and you know what if we took the middle section from the n64 controller it looks like a gc controller so i say no. microsoft is lying to get publicity and yes the classic controller pro has the same design lol so what the hell is microsofts beef , also note every game controller has tooken from the snes pad in some way or another,
    that is pure fact!

  4. mikemc says

    @c9e995382632cbf60bdb36ae08d67c82:disqus ya what ever dude, the wii mote came out first ,, move came out in 2010 and if it was in development since 2002 then sony must be very slow! cause that was the end of the n64 era haha id like to show you the door ,, either you dont have a link to prove this , and 2ndly its about which came out first not when their in development cause if i remember right before the wii mote everyone was using traditional controllers!

    not counting failed add-ons like rob -nes or eye toy -ps2 , lol so there again your more wrong for the fact rob was the first to do motion lol

    • jimmy russels says

      you did know that nintendo stole the wii mote from sega?? Do a little research and check the dreamcast wii mote like prototypes that were in magazines and sega related stuff before the gamecube was even in the market

  5. Mightyzio says

    So, Microsoft said the Wii-U controller is a copy of the 360 controller, which uses the same basic layout that was clearly inspired by the SNES Controller.
    In fact, the controllers for Sony’s three systems, Microsoft’s two, and the Dreamcast are all based on the layout of the SNES controller. The Dreamcast was the first two use the Joystick as the primary with the D-Pad the second, and Sony was the first to add a second set of trigger buttons.
    I would say if anything, Nintendo is just using the format they first used in 1991 for the SNES and added two Joysticks to the top.

  6. plsburydoughboy says

    Well, the Classic Controller has a layout similar to the PS3 controller, don’t believe the Wii ever made full use of the analogs on that one, so my takeaway from this is that Nintendo an accommodate games from both the PS3 and Xbox that were best suited for either controller layout.

  7. yarinoma says

    Lets take it a step further. Spencer is forgetting that Nintendo pioneered this whole analog stick controller revolution with the Nintendo 64 which had parallel triggers left and right and one dubbed z trigger on the middle handle.

    Sony followed with the duel shock but see, Nintendo came out with theres first in 1996. Duel shock followed in 1998 AFTER Nintendo, only improving with double the features ( two vibration feedback motors and 2 analog sticks. Now had that Sony/Nintendo amalgam gone through, The Duel shock would have had an Nintendo brand on its casing.

    Take the handle out of the middle of an N64 controller and you have the father of every controller that has come after it. You ask me, Mr. Spencer needs to pay more respect to his founding fathers

    Its just disgusting that now, in this day and age, people are so eager to dog Nintendo for sticking to their belief that gaming is about having fun, not blood wrenching, every-day-is-war fun, with family and friends. Trying to bring these units together who are otherwise separated by the digital walls of Androids, tablets, Iphones/Ipads. And much like the current debates between our incumbent president and his opponent, everybody criticizes Nintendo for their wild and wooly decisions but then want to take credit for said wild and wooly decisions.

    Clearly, Move and kinect are examples of the hastened, rushed response to Nintendos extremely successful Wii but were far too late to capitalize. And now the quicker response to the gamepad with Smartglass and the Vita/PS3/4 alleged screen integration. Even Sonys Tablet P is a homage to the 2 screen Nintendo game and watch collection of the 80s and the DS. You cant be anymore influential then that.

    All the competition does is improve. Theres nothing really wrong with that but when will you innovate something that is unique to that system besides graphics?

    I love most of the game selections of this decade but the most fun Ive had? Playing Golden Eye 007 with a bunch of friends, on 4 quad split screen, pimp clapping the sh!t out of them on slappers only. Seeing them go down from the thunder of my backhand. Watching the good ole days gone bye.

    • says

      With respect to your first two paragraphs, the N64 only brought the analog stick back from the second generation of consoles when the Vectrex used it first, why? because it was capable of rendering 3D graphics so more than 8 directions were needed (same reason the N64 used it and then later Sony and Sega.
      The first Sony dual analog controller was the Analog Joystick with came out in 1996; it was replaced by the Dual Analog Controller (early 1997) and this latter by the Dualshock (late 1997, included rumble, which Nintendo DID use first).
      Sony pioneered dual analog sticks into the fifth and current generations (all controllers but the Dreamcast used this setup, next gen will probably continue this trend that Sony started) .
      The Famicon did spawn a redesign of the D-pad after the third generation (but other consoles used that first too).

      We can talk about Nintendo innovating by using not-well implemented concepts out there but definitely not by creating them themselves.

    • yarinoma says

      Well this will be a huge debate because Sony was no where near interested in the video game industry until they partnered with Nintendo and that fell through. So whatever was developed as part of Sonys gaming business plan was initially designed for Nintendo.

    • James says

      I don’t exactly call, “Hey, you know what’s better than one analog stick? TWO ANALOG STICKS!” innovation.

    • Azrael_nc says

      While Nintendo may have released their controller to the public first, Sony actually had their dual analog controller (note: not the Dual Shock) available in April of ’97, and had displayed it to the public in November of ’96. The original PS1 controller had 4 shoulder buttons, though it wasn’t until the Dual Shock 2 that these buttons became analog instead of digital (the difference being all four shoulder buttons, while not triggers, where analog and pressure sensitive, as were the four face buttons). Since the unveiling of the Dual Shock, both Microsoft and Nintendo have copied its layout, as have every third party controller manufacturer.

      As an aside, I personally think that Microsoft’s desire to distance their controller from Sony’s lead to one of the worst decisions in the history of gaming hardware (I said one of, not THE worst). Switching the left analog stick and d-pad locations ruins the symmetry between your thumbs when using both sticks. Sony’s controller may be smaller, and some people may find it uncomfortable after prolonged use, but the layout makes more sense. While I’m not a fan of Nintendo moving both sticks to the upper portion on the controller, at least they are symmetrical, which leads to better coordination between your thumbs.

    • WoodenSaucer says

      Nintendo kind of pioneered the whole “gamepad” idea with the original NES. Before that, most people were using various kinds of joysticks.

  8. Stigmurder says

    Bioshock was graphically gorgeous and ran smooth as silk. It still holds up to games today. It had the whole package.

  9. LADYK0M1C says

    The WiiU is far more capable than 360 in processing. 2011 technology isn’t on par with 2004 tech, Spencer :3

    • kindiboy says

      the only thing that makes me believe spencer, is nintendo’s habit of milking everything, titles, tech, fans, etc.

    • AF_Whigs says

      To be fair – they ALL do this. All of them. There are no belevolent, fun-loving, “we’re gamers at heart” companies, if we’re talking about the big 3 console makers. Nintendo has the closest thing in Myamoto – that guy has proven himself to be a flat-out genius again and again – but he still answers to the suits.
      There is far too much fanboy sniping – but there always has been, and this goes back to what, the SNES/Genesis days, really. Personally I want to spend my money on a console that has good games, a good controller and i want the thing to last a long time without dying.
      Every company has their pluses and minuses, no one is perfect, but they ALL exist for gathering as much profit as possible.

  10. says

    What makes it look like an 360 controller is the shape not the button placement. Nintendo obviously took a hint and mildly modified the shape as it was seen at E3 (good for them).

  11. Mukkinese says

    I can see why Ms are pissed, Nintendo deliberately aligned the Wii U with the Xbox and P.C. This makes it very easy and inexpensive to port from those machines to the Wii U, smart move. An Xbox with all of Nintendo’s exclusive titles sounds pretty good to me. Clearly the Wii u is more than that, but this clever move is more challenging to the other two consoles than most commentators seem to realise. If the only answer Sony and Microsoft have is to keep doing what they have always done, beef up the power, then they might find themselves coming second and third again.

    • says

      It’s tough being your own editor, you read what you want to see. I try my best to catch mistakes, but some get through (like one glaring one that makes me pull my hair out because I cannot fix it). If you see some, just point them out. :)

  12. Carl says

    Nintendo are a load of rubbish i can’t believe the crap they Are bringing out this year! They say that the console is capable of next gen wft? Microsoft are milking this current gen with entertainment and kinect rubbish which isnt a smart move because people are getting fed up with it

  13. PJ says

    I just wanted to say after reading all that was said here I own an Xbox and a Nintendo Wii and I love them both. Yes for more mature games I go to the xbox ofcourse but sometimes you just want some fun or good split screen multiplayer and then nintendo gives you what you need. everyone talking about nintendo milking shit noone cares. they are milking zelda for ages and the new titles they make are still 1000x more epic then any ps3 or xbox franchise lol

  14. David Douglas says

    well isn’t everyone copying off Nintendo anyway? the xbox controller is a SNES controller with 2 joy sticks on it

  15. Jake says

    The Nintendo is graphically superior to the 360 and PS3 but will likely pale in comparison to the as-of-yet-named PS4 and xbox 3. However, because the HD tech will be in the WiiU, it’s likely that many third parties will default to the WiiU’s graphics to ensure the exposure to the most markets. Porting will be more common on Nintendo’s system this time around.

  16. carlocgc says

    the only place to find games with great graphics and gameplay is PC. imo buy a PC if you want the pinnacle of gaming today. consoles are nerfed on purpose for affordability and to make a profit so obviously ya not gona be getting the very best todays games can offer. show a console gamer the witcher 2 or shogun 2 on maxed out settings and the only response you will be getting is WOW nuts to my lolxbox time for me to buy a PC

  17. says

    The constant demand for better visuals will prove to be a negative rather than a positive. Higher fidelity equals a lot more money. Publishers will be investing over 100 million dollars on a regular basis. That means less risk will be taken. This is already happening, but will continue to get worse. You will get more focus tested games that come in FPS form and look as well as play exactly the same.

  18. Russell Gorall says

    It is obviously modeled after the 360 controller to some degree. Wish Sony would do the same.

  19. Dan says

    Nintendo started it all from controller vibration to inverted controller sticks. Did ppl forget the ugly shape of the original Xbox controller? It looked like a triple whooper with buttons. Then they decided to make it better for the 360 using the same diamond pattern buttons. They even copied the same letters X Y A B. I played with Wii U many times already and the Pro controller is way better than the 360 controller.

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