Check Out This Lifelike Seven Foot Tall Elite Costume [Halo]

Ever since the live-action Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn trailer, people want to see lifelike Elites. Well thanks to one creative dude, we have one.

Uh, dude, don’t look behind you…

This seven foot tall Elite is created by Pete Mander (far left in the above picture), a self-taught costume artist from Ontario, Canada. As he says on his blog:

For as long as I can remember I have always been into creating something from nothing, and after leaving school at grade 10, I then continued my own education, [l]earning about sculpting, molding, casting, airbrushing, welding and the list goes on, I use many different mediums to create costumes and props, most of it all based around science fiction films, novels and video games.

The Elite, however, is no ordinary costume. Oh no, it moves too! The jaw of the Elite responds to joysticks or can be synced with a sound clip.

Unfortunately it seems there isn’t any video of it assembled and moving around. However thanks to Device Magazine, we have some close-up pictures of it:

The upcoming mini-series Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn will begin on October 5. Here’s the trailer:

Maybe 343 Industries, the developer behind Halo 4 and partner in creating the mini-series, should give Mr. Mander a call? What do you think?

(P.S. You should really check out Mr. Mander’s YouTube account for more animatronic costumes)

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