A Look at Mario in Every Game Leading Up to 2012

Mario is arguably the most recognized video game character in the world. He’s been around for a long time. It’s understandable that, over the years, he’s gone through some, uh, changes.

Even though the popular plumber has never been caught without a mustache, he’s changed his appearance over time. Even swapping his ironic blue overalls and red shirt for a doctor’s coat or some multicoloured tennis outfit.

Thanks to kaycircle for sharing The Periodic Table of Mario we can take a look at how everyone’s favourite plumber looks in every game leading up to 2012. Although some games are missing, it’s still interesting to see how far Mario has come.

Click the picture for a bigger version.

The Periodic Table of Mario

Or take a look at this (unedited) collage of The Evolution of Mario:

What does Mario mean to you? Does he represent childhood memories? I remember playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES in my parent’s basement when I was little. Mario will always be a source of nostalgia for me. What about you?

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