Meet The Oldest Gamer


Who says gaming is just for kids? Just ask Britain’s Kathleen Connell, who just turned 100 last week. She got a Nintendo DS for her 96th birthday from her daughter and she’s still going strong. “I can’t speak highly enough of it. I don’t know what I would do without it,” said Ms. Connell. She has [...]

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MLSE Internship: Days 4 to 8

Can you guess what today's soup is?

This is a continuing blog about my internship at Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment to help me with my final report. To read more posts about the internship, click on the “MLSE” link above. The first week was all about training and setting up my work area. Now into my second week (today is Day 8) at MLSE I [...]

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5 Most Memorable Romances in Video Games


Love is a powerful feeling. Deep down, under my manly exterior, lies a hopeless-romantic. I am a Gemini after all and we tend to have two sides; one that everyone sees and one that is hidden. My hidden twin has come out to play and compiled a list of the 5 most memorable romances in video [...]

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